PBG takes a look at the things that annoys him the most in video games.

Top 10 Annoying Things in Video Games
Upload Date January 26th 2011
Series Top 10s


Synopsis Edit

10. Cellphones. While they are already annoying enough in real life, they can be even more annoying when random people are constantly calling you.

9. Button Mashing. If something bad is about to happen, you have to do something about it. Button mashing tends to be overused and pointless. Mario Party is solely to blame for a lot of PBG's broken Nintendo 64 controllers.

8. Random encounters. PBG loves RPG's. Random encounters keep on interrupting PBG talking.

7. Backtracking. PBG has never been a big fan of Metroid because of its backtracking. When PBG reaches a certain point in a game, the last thing he wants to do is go back to where he already came from.

6. Pointless motion controls. Why have it? Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess are fine with their motion controls, but bad motion controls can die in a tar pit.

5. Constant beeping. Tons of games do this, and Zelda is one of the worst offenders. PBG even resorts to killing himself rather than listen to that sound for too long.

4. Cheap difficulty. Difficulty is a good thing, but trial and error isn't fun.

3. Overpowered weapons. FPS games make PBG rage. PBG feels the worst when he feels like he has been cheated in some way. Some weapons are just overpowered. Even PBG can rack up a good score with such an overpowered weapon.

2. Bosses that heal themselves. It's just plain evil.

1. Enemies that don't die after being shot multiple times. PBG is just talking about regular enemies, not bosses. PBG has every reason to believe that a guy is dead after shooting him several times, but is killed by him anyone. PBG feels cheated after doing everything right, he's still dead.