PBG is making a series of videos for Zelda Month. In this one, he kills Link a lot!

To Kill an Avatar - The Many Deaths of Link
Upload Date November 9th 2011
Series To Kill an Avatar


Synopsis Edit

PBG is playing with a Zubat and a duck plushie, making them fight. PBG is bored, and Link deserves to die. He breaks into people's houses, steals from them, breaks criminals out of prison, disturbs grave sites, attacks animals and killed a guy (it is PBG in a costume).

PBG rarely saw the death screens in the games because the games are on the easier side. 

In Ocarina of Time it is possible to go into the crater without Goron Tunic. A timer ticks down, and Link bursts into flames once the timer runs out.

In Wind Waker, it is fun to test the durability of the bridges. PBG cuts down the ropes and eventually falls into the lava and flies out. Twilight Princess stepped up the lava creepiness, as players can watch Link become engulfed by the lava.

Link climbs up Death Mountain only to be hit off by a rolling Goron, and he thinks he has lived, only to die as soon as he respawns. He ignores the Zora who asks for 20 rupees to dive off into the water. Link hits a rock and dies.

In Twilight Princess, he gets distracted while mounting a Goron, before being launched off the mountain, and hits the ground, dies, and falls through the wall.

Some glitches can kill Link too! In Wind Waker's Outset Island, Link can be killed using the Song of Passing on the ferris wheel. In Diamond Step Island, Link can sidle down the side of a boat and he gets crushed.

In Ocarina of Time, going beside Castle Town, Link is blown up as he falls into the hole. Link respawns on the bridge, and dies. Doing it with a fairy allows Link to come back to life in water, only to be stuck there.

Stealing from a shopkeeper gets Link electrocuted to death when he comes back to the store.

Attacking pigs in Wind Waker makes them go on a rampage. When they kill Link, they stand still and are still steaming. Being attacked by the large pig takes three hearts from Link - more than Ganondorf can.

Then there are the Cuccos, that all attack Link. PBG sings 'She'll be coming 'Round the Mountain'.

PBG tries to show the worst death ever. PBG jumps off a ledge, with a bomb (on 1/4 heart left), and falls into lava. There is no body left.

He ends the video by making the Zubat and duck fight again.