PBG wants to kill some people again, so he does in Tactics Ogre, Super Dodge Ball and Fire Emblem.

To Kill An Avatar - Allies
Upload Date December 1st 2010
Series To Kill An Avatar


Synopsis Edit

The show that takes a lighthearted look at killing things in video games. It is rare that the player's teammates actually die, and when they do it is usually a scripted death scene. There are some games that allow the player's allied to be killed, and PBG is going to discuss three of them - and they are all Gameboy Advance games, and this is totally not because PBG just got a GameBoy recorder for his Gamecube.

Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis - PBG introduces this tactical RPG. There are a lot of battles, and will kill lots of people, dragons, mermaids etc. Your teammates can also die, and they will stay dead, unless the player has a resirection item. The main character is the only character that can't die. Even his love interest can die! PBG never liked her anyway.

Super Dodge Ball - This game is crazy. With extremely powerful shots, jump high, and an entire team can be killed! Being hit by a powerful throw can allow the doomed character to fly across the screen multiple times and eventually turn into angels. The teams even cheer when they kill all of their opponents.

Fire Emblem - It is similar to Tactics Ogre, and the way that characters die is different. There is more than one important character this time. There are around 3-5 characters that force the player to restart. Every character has dialog and a personality to make it much more emotional when characters die. Players may think that this game takes deaths seriously, but it doesn't as characters are allowed to fight in an arena to the death for money and experience.