PBG revisits the worst game he's ever played - Hubert the Teddy Bear.

The Worst Game I've Ever Played
Upload Date December 24th 2011
Series Reviews


Synopsis Edit

PBG opens his latest Christmas video by making his lines rhyme. He is going to re-review the worst game he ever played - Hubert the Teddy Bear.

He introduces the game, and asks himself why he bought this game, and he can't answer the question. PBG stared at the starting screen for 20 minutes because he didn't want to play it, and found several things that bugged him about it.

PBG attempts to create his own character named PBG, but the cursor is larger than the keys. He ends up going with EESDESESESRDT instead. The help screen states that a Wii console, with a Wii Remote and Nuchuck are required to play. PBG discovers that his problem was that he was using a dictionary!

He begins with the mini game Snow Fight, where the goal is to shoot as many rabbits as possible. This is sadly the best game here. He wins this game very easily. The next game is Sledge Ride. PBG shows the controls and criticizes it for the fact that it isn't possible to both move left and right, as well as move faster. He finds that no matter what he does, he can't avoid the giant snowballs.

He then shows the Catch a Bunny game, and he gets excited when he does catch it. Fishing is next, and PBG prefers to slap the fish rather than catch them. There's also a giant creepy bear just sitting next to him. PBG is angered at the Make a Snowman game, as all he can do is shake the Wii Remote.

PBG is sick of this game. He then sees Smiley Man again. PBG apologizes for leaving him out of the video again. Smiley Man has a present for PBG. PBG is disappointed by the gift, and punches Smiley Man.