PBG plays the game of a movie he liked as a kid called The Pagemaster.

The Pagemaster
Upload Date February 28th 2014
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Synopsis Edit

PBG asks picture frame PBG if he is ready for another video. Picture frame PBG doesn't like being in the frame, and PBG tells him to shut up. PBG gets picture frame PBG to repeat the name of the game they are playing multiple times until he cracks.

PBG watched this movie all the time as a kid. It taught him to not be afraid of anything (he shows footage of times where he has been afraid of things). He shows the advertisement for the game that he had never played before. PBG reveals the cartridge, and he is excited.

The first level is a torture chamber! The noise that plays when Richard lands after every single jump is a loud crash sound. There are so many weird things that want to kill him. The lessons from the movie is to read books and to overcome your fears, but PBG wouldn't want to do either if this game were real. PBG discusses the power ups - one of which does nothing. All the level names are all puns. A lot of levels in the first world are just dark. That's just annoying!

The next world is Adventure Island World. There are a lot of ship levels in Adventure World. The coolest part is the sword power up. It's a lot easier than the first world. There are way more coins. The levels are very non-linear and there are a lot of secrets.

The final world is the fantasy world. There are characters from fairy tales. The wolf vomits pigs out of its mouth. He makes it to The End of the Road and struggles with how difficult the last level is. He may have just choked. He looks up the ending on the internet, and it is one of the worst endings he had ever seen. However, this is the bad ending. No one on the internet has ever showed the good ending!

It is an average platformer, not bad or good. Picture Frame PBG is calling out Hello hoping to find somebody.