It is finally time for PBG to review MySims.

The MySims Massacre of 1976
Upload Date September 10th 2011
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Synopsis Edit

PBG is playing Diablo. He sees MySims on top of his shelf. He's writing a script for Top 10 Sexiest Girls of Gaming (which was first mentioned in I Dream of Dreamcast). He really doesn't want to play MySims, and keeps trying to distract himself.

He's always loved life simulation games, and he thought that MySims would have been awesome. He hated it so much after ten minutes, and he's been making fun of it at every chance he's had. Maybe it isn't as bad as he remembers it - but it probably is. The loading screen is frozen. He doesn't have enough space on his Wii to play.

He notices that Super Mario Galaxy and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess only take up one block each, Animal Crossing has 36 blocks. MySims takes up 97! Why is it that the best games take up so little space, but this one takes up so much?! He makes his character, and makes him miserable. He has to make his own house and has a gnome on top of it called Gary. He also has to make a workshop. The point of the game is to build stuff for people. He's put together a chair, and he put it together horribly.

PBG constantly gets lost because of a confusing camera angle. He has no idea what to do, and the major demands more work, so he hits her. She hits him back! PBG gets to work. Somehow, the town gains a star even though he was trying to make it as bad as possible. No matter what he does, the townspeople love him. PBG hates this, and upon deciding that the game is evil he goes to bury it. 

He runs into the woods, and finds a hole already dug out. He throws the game in and buries it. He hopes that nobody finds this game. Suddenly the game makes the drumming noises from Jumanji. He clarifies at the end of the video that he actually did bury it, and if anyone wants it, they can go and find it.

The MySims series Edit

MySims is a series created by Electronic Arts that is usually ridiculed by PBG. PBG often makes fun of the series throughout his videos (and it started much earlier than this episode).

The series has three games that have had their own episode of PBG's show.

MySims for the Wii, which is covered in this episode.

MySims Kingdom, also for the Wii, is covered in MySlaves Kingdom.

MySims Agents was accidentally covered in PBG's 100k special, DerpSims Agents.