The whole point of Zelda Month was for PBG to make a video about Skyward Sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Upload Date November 23rd 2011
Series Reviews

Zelda Month


Synopsis Edit

PBG has been looking forward to this game, and created Zelda Month for this game. This won't really be a review, it's more of a showing of PBG's experience with the game.

He begins by discussing the story. He makes a joke about Link getting a letter from Peach. This Zelda is the best design of her. PBG also likes Fi despite the fact that she can get annoying at times. Her dances are pretty moving. Ghirahim is creepy and an idiot.

The flying is like Wind Waker except in the sky. He knocks down a chandilier to get a piece of heart and gets in trouble from the owner. PBG throws pumpkins off the island. Link is much happier than usual and way too excited.

The dash mechanic is subtle, and less tedious to run around. The motion control combat is fun, but you look like an idiot doing it. PBG apparently broke his controller. The shops are more useful in this game. PBG didn't even find the potion shop in Ocarina of Time! One of the coolest shops is the one that allows the player to upgrade their gear. Even the potion shop is more useful as hearts are harder to come by. There are a lot of sidequests. Don't try flying at night - PBG found this out the hard way!

There are also strange characters like Beetle - who tries to kill you. Then there is the guy who wants to be turned into a human, and hangs out with a little girl playing a screaming game. Next is Stritch, who is obsessed with bugs. He reminds PBG of the Slender Man.

PBG teases his next video - the Top 10 Legend of Zelda games.

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