PBG discusses the secrets behind the plot of Bomberman 64.

The G-Files - Bomberman 64
Upload Date January 19th 2011
Series The G-Files


Synopsis Edit

Bomberman 64 at first glance appears to be a basic good vs evil game, but it holds some dark secrets underneath.

PBG discusses the plot of the game. Sirius wants to team up with Bomberman because he has 'a bone to pick with them', not because the planet is being attacked. The end of the game puts Bomberman against Altair, and Sirius gives a speech to Bomberman - which is a disappointing ending.

Getting all of the cards in each level unlocks the good ending, involving Sirius incinerating Altair, and informing Bomberman that he had been using him this whole time before leaving to his base. While fighting Sirius, Regulus, Bomberman's former enemy saves Bomberman. Defeating Sirius again gives the good ending, which ends with explosions and a hilarious cutscene from Bomberman.

Finding Sirius in the levels after this shows that Sirius has nothing nice to say, and is pissed off at Bomberman. PBG should have suspected something, because Sirius is standing right next to a fire trap.