PBG has found something that is perfect for The G-Files while playing Skyward Sword.

The G-Files: Zelda - Cawlin's Letter
Upload Date December 8th 2011
Series The G-Files


Synopsis Edit

Zelda month is over, but while he was playing Skyward Sword (he holds up a copy of Twilight Princess because he can't find the Skyward Sword box), he found something that would be perfect for The G-Files. This will be an extra video to extend Zelda Month.

He begins discussing the weird side quest about the bathroom in Skyloft. Someone in the bathroom is begging for any kind of paper at all. Cawlin can be seen muttering to himself, and he asks Link about his girl troubles and asks to give a girl named Karane a letter, leaving the player to choose between giving the letter to the girl, or the lady in the bathroom.

The girl Cawlin is into doesn't like him. Cawlin doesn't take this very well. Taking the letter to the lady in the bathroom allows the door to unlock, and a hand comes out of the toilet, and she leaves. The next day, Cawlin gets upset when Link tells him he didn't give the letter to Kerane. Apparently paper is rare in Skyloft.

Going to Groose's room after this, the ghost strokes Cawlin while he shivers fearfully in his sleep. She fell in love with him, and she torments him every night. Talking to him the next day and he reveals that he has been having nightmares and can't sleep. PBG thinks Cawlin deserves it.

PBG attempts to make Link punch a punching bag, but is hit to the ground by it instead. The video ends with a tombstone dance party.