PBG looks at his most requested topic, the Ben Drowned Creepypasta.

The G-Files: Zelda - Ben Drowned Creepypasta
Upload Date December 4th 2012
Series The G-Files


Synopsis Edit

PBG is running late for Zelda Month due to personal reasons, so he is making a video about his most requested topic: Ben Drowned. PBG reads some comments from people who have requested it, and gets the hiccups from it.

PBG is going to cover some other creepy things first. After Link has all spiritual stones and takes the master sword in Ocarina of Time, it is possible to find a soldier in Castle Town who is dying. He dies in front of him, but the happy music is still playing, so PBG makes a song about the soldier dying. 

The creepiest thing after that is the ghost hunter. He looks creepy, can read minds, sells ghosts and says something very weird. There are a lot of characters not accountable for after Ganon takes over. Is one of those people the ghost hunter? Like the potion shop guy who nobody ever goes to. However, PBG finds him later on.

The boy in the graveyard expresses interest in ghosts and wishes to go on the ghost tour. He walks around with a stick, just like the ghost hunter, but he doesn't like trouble unlike the ghost hunter. PBG thinks that the ghost hunter is the soldier that stands in the same place as the ghost hunter. He also likes trouble and disorder. They both also have Triforces on them, indicating a link to the royal family.

PBG has talked about the Happy Mask Salesman a lot, and he lists a lot of weird facts about him. He disappears completely at the end of the game. PBG thinks that the Salesman was one of the ancient ones, who had to seal away the mask. Since there isn't a lot of evidence here about why the Salesman wants the mask, PBG consults the manga.

Finally, PBG goes on to talk about the story of Ben drowned. There are a lot of really good videos about the story, and PBG describes it. Just like Herobrine, nothing happens when PBG tries to trigger it. However, once he looks away, the Happy Mask Salesman triggers on the screen, and suddenly weird things begin to happen in the game. PBG stares at it, before turning into static and disappearing.

The video ends with a corrupted Ocarina of Time intro screen, with Ben saying "You shouldn't have done that."

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time that PBG made a video about hacking (as he hacked the game to produce the creepypasta with Ben).