To kick off Zelda Month, PBG makes a G-Files episode for the Zelda series.

The G-Files: Zelda
Upload Date November 1st 2011
Series The G-Files

Zelda Month


Synopsis Edit

This is the first episode of Zelda Month, and PBG begins Zelda month with a G-Files episode for the Zelda series.

PBG is a big fan of the Zelda series and has a lot of Zelda merchandise. He's excited for the release of Skyward Sword, so he will be making videos on both of his channels about the series. To kick off Zelda month, he will be starting with The G-Files.

In The Wind Waker, you sail around a lot! Candy (who is a 17 year old male with a beard and sideburns), tells a story about a giant squid he found in the ocean. Old Man Ho Ho looks through his telescope and sometimes he looks at a flock of seagulls.

Going to that location reveals a whirlpool and a giant squid that starts sucking Link in. PBG freaked out the first time he saw it. Blowing up all the eyes rewards the player with an increased magic bar from saving a great fairy, some rupees, or a piece of heart. If you don't beat him in time, it sucks Link in and Link dies - or spits him out. PBG tries to do the math on how many times the boomerang needs to be shot.

Everyone who has played Majora's Mask has seen the sad looking tree, and there is no direction as to what it is. The game does subtly explain this. PBG explains that the little tree may have been the Butler's son. The butler even cries next to the tree.

Tingle has been in the intro to The G-Files but PBG hasn't actually talked about him since the Top 10 Weirdest Zelda characters video. Tingle is first seen in Majora's Mask, and he is very weird. Tingle's father is the Pictograph contest manager. Taking a photo of Tingle and submitting it gives an emotional response from his father.

In Wind Waker he is in jail. Once he is let out, a camera can be found in the back. Tingle stole the camera and hid it. The secret area was dug out, but what about all the skulls back there? On his island, he is forcing his brother and someone else to spin his tower around. When Link uses the Tingle Turner, Tingle is nice to his brother. PBG concludes that Tingle is a murderer. Even his brother is scared of him!