PBG looks at some more weird Japanese games, in order to save the universe after a UFO required help?

The G-Files: Weird Arcade Games #2
Upload Date June 22nd 2012
Series The G-Files


Synopsis Edit

PBG is walking outside and sees a UFO above him. PBG compliments the special effects. The UFO tells him that he has to make a video about strange arcade games from Japan.

First up is some kind of Mario Party dating game. The menu images are weird. The characters land flat on their faces, but apparently PBG did good enough. PBG plays the fried octopus balls game, and gets caught on the microphone saying something stupid. Next is a quiz mini-game fully in Japanese. PBG makes wild guesses at what he is doing. PBG is good at the dancing game.

The next game says that the game should only be played in Japan, and if someone reviews it they will be murdered in their sleep. PBG finds this strangely specific and continues anyway. PBG doesn't know what this is.

Up next is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the book, which the UFO put there by mistake. PBG says it is fine, and that he doesn't make mistakes. A montage is shown of PBG's mistakes. Demo Crysis is the next game. PBG compares this game to some of the things Indiana Jones did.

The final game is Parodius, which is a parody of Gradius. PBG plays as an octopus. PBG really doesn't like the space clowns. The bosses are weird like the lips, or the half naked lady.

PBG next tries Sexy Perodius. The playable character is up to 5 blue guys on a paper aeroplane! The playable characters are weird enough, and there are even weirder enemies. The bosses are weirder again like corn and a censored raccoon. The final boss is a naked lady.

The UFO has declared that PBG has saved the universe by making his video. PBG feels weird, and is teleported away.