PBG takes a look at a bunch of secret areas in a few games.

The G-Files: Secret Areas
Upload Date February 9th 2011
Series The G-Files


Synopsis Edit

PBG went skiing as a kid and it was one of the most fun things he ever did, and he was intriged by Wii Skii and Snowboard. PBG finds the game fun and unique. PBG really liked the secret areas located in this game and he demonstrates how to do them. The first takes PBG to a narrow track with a large drop off a cliff and crazy jumps. The second area takes him to an area covered by hidden bottomless pits, so PBG falls down every one!

The last pit takes him to another secret area. This cave also has a narrow path with lava under the track, and leads to a wall with cave paintings. At the end of the cave there is a fork in the road. The right track leads to a live snowman, who PBG compares to the Yeti from Ski Free. The left side takes him to waterfalls and crystals.

Mr. Resetti pops up in Animal Crossing whenever the player doesn't save. This is really annoying, and he is very weird as he spies on the player. PBG gives instructions on how to get to the Reset Surveillance Center, where he spies on the player. Resetti's legs are more non-existent than PBG expected.

Super Mario RPG is one of the first RPG's PBG remembers playing as a kid. There were hidden chests, bosses and Nintendo characters like Link and Samas. Then there is the casino. The game hints at its existence, but PBG wasn't sure about where it was as a kid. He gives instructions on how to find it. The Look Away game is kind of stupid.