PBG looks into some of the creepier aspects of Minecraft.

The G-Files: Minecraft
Upload Date September 26th 2011
Series The G-Files


Synopsis Edit

There's a lot of fun things to do in Minecraft, like blow things up (the explosion kills Kyrak). Murdering your friends when they're not looking is fun too. There are some new things that have been added to the game that are creepy, and the game was already creepy enough. PBG introduces the viewer to McJones and Kyrak. They show off their castle. PBG states to not look for secrets in his room, and he has a hallway full of gold.

PBG shows off the nether. The mobs are really cool, like the zombie pigmen, and the scary ghasts. They sneak up onto players. PBG successfully jumps across platforms hovering over lava, only to be shot by a ghast he didn't see.

Finally, he shows the Enderman, which looks very similar to the Slender Man. PBG discusses the Slender Man. Looking straight at their eyes causes them to become hostile, and they are very powerful. PBG gets killed trying to kill an enderman, only to re-spawn right next to a creeper, which blows up and kills him again!

PBG has got a lot of requests about Herobrine. He yells at the viewers for not shutting up about it. PBG introduces Herobrine, and since PBG doesn't normally covers rumors on his show, he decides to end it there. Suddenly, he sees something. He saw someone moving around. He starts getting creeped out by this, as every time he thinks he sees something, nothing is there. Suddenly, he sees Herobrine standing in a tree. Herobrine jumps down and kills PBG.

PBG is amused by the fact that his avatar is a pony.