This episode of the G-Files is about trying to find live aliens in video games.

The G-Files: Aliens
Upload Date May 11th 2011
Series The G-Files


Synopsis Edit

PBG has been terrified of aliens since he was a kid. He was terrified by the martians on Sesame Street. He was drawn to movies, shows and video games with aliens in them.

PBG plays The Sims, and whenever he invites anyone over, they tend to ignore him. PBG likes to gaze into the sky to see if there are aliens. The chances are slim, but it is possible to be abducted by aliens by looking through a telescope. Adult males can even come back pregnant with an alien baby.

Pilotwings Resort was not a game that PBG was expecting to see aliens in. PBG found the mission 'Lost Little UFOs'. There are actually UFOs in this game! They are very small though. Every time they hit something, they just disappear and reappear without taking damage. Suddenly, PBG finds the mother ship. PBG runs out of fuel just as he is about to finish the mission.

PBG moves on to Fallout to show some actual aliens, and this game has a history of showing some weird alien related easter eggs. A crashed UFO appears in the wasteland, with two alien skeletons and an alien blaster and a picture of Elvis. Onto Fallout 3, another crashed UFO is found, and an actual alien is lying there dead. So PBG throws it around!

Maybe the aliens are friendly? In Fallout: New Vegas, PBG was wandering around, when he discovered ANOTHER crashed UFO. He found the actual alive aliens. He tried to approach them, and they shot him. PBG ran away. He manages to find out how to get close (shoot the captain and don't let the others see the player do it), and he thinks they look creepy. Looting the captain's body reveals the Alien Blaster, which disintegrates the victim's body and turns them into ashes!