PBG steals some cheese, kills six sheep, and transforms a mudcrab into an ogre!

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Wabbajack (Part 2)
Upload Date April 18th 2013
Series The Elder Scrolls Oblivion


Synopsis Edit

PBG is still trying to steal the cheese. He isn't sure if this is what he is supposed to do. He finally breaks into the lock and steals the cheese. He doesn't know how to start the plague. He drops the cheese and accidentally shoots his arrows. The cheese looks good on the ground, so he leaves it. PBG laughs at the shopkeeper because he stole the cheese. After randomly walking around, he finds a random pot, and puts the cheese in it. After waiting a while, giant rats infest the town!

PBG needs more information about the second prophecy. The rats suddenly die! Talking to the prophet guy doesn't seem to work. PBG decides to kill some sheep. It takes him 32 arrows to kill the sheep! PBG completes the task, then waits in town for something interesting to happen. Suddenly the sky changes color and fire dogs rain from the sky!

PBG returns to the shrine. Everybody is still in their underwear! PBG is given the Wabbajack. He uses the wabbajack on a mud crab, and the mudcrab turns into a goblin for a short amount of time. It then turns into a rat, then a deer. PBG wants a really dangerous enemy. It turns into a sheep. Finally, PBG gets an ogre!

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