PBG explores a cave, fights enemies and frees ogres, then is rewarded with the Volendrung.

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Volendrung (Part 2)
Upload Date June 13th 2013
Series The Elder Scrolls Oblivion


Synopsis Edit

PBG finds his sword. PBG decides to sleep, and ascends to level 11. PBG fights a guy with a night vision helmet. He is annoyed that he needs to be asked to poison his sword every time- it doesn't ask him if he wants to use a potion. PBG explores the cave, and starts using a David Attenborough voice.

PBG fights two swordsman. The battle takes a long time, and he gets one of them to die to the poison as well as the Ring of Namira. He laughs as they fall. There is another guy wondering what is going on nearby. PBG sneaks up on the guard, who screams.

PBG frees one group of ogres. PBG didn't expect them to be actual ogres, and was expecting orcs. PBG pretends to be in jail, then frees the remaining ogres. The ogres are very well behaved- they don't kill the Drads. PBG is rewarded with the Volendrung - a heavy mace.

PBG wants to kill the guys around the area, but not really. They fall over hilariously. He reloads and lets them be. PBG runs around naked in the city.

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