Everything wants to kill PBG today, and PBG falls into a trap.

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Umbra + Clavicus Vile (Part 1)
Upload Date August 29th 2013
Series The Elder Scrolls Oblivion


Synopsis Edit

PBG finds a skeleton in his closet, but had nothing to do with them. He shows off the Daedric items he has so far. PBG arrives at the wrong shrine. The one he is supposed to go to is fairly close by anyway. He gets attacked while trying to pick flowers. PBG beats the enemy easily, and wonders if his difficulty is too low. It isn't, so PBG thinks he's just really cool now!

PBG finds a bunch of spider ladies that he has never seen before. PBG plays with one of the spider lady corpses.

He finally arrives at the new shrine. This Daedra wants gold! Clavicus Vile needs the Umbra sword. As he begins to leave, people continue talking, which confuses PBG. PBG is told that returning the umbra sword is a mistake, but he will do it anyway.

He kills a dinosaur to hear the music again. Everyone wants to kill PBG today! He misses an arrow shot from a long ways away. He plays the stupid conversation game again to a slow talking guy.

PBG arrives at his destination and is creeped out. His torches don't work for some reason, so he has to try using it again. PBG falls into a spike trap, and barely misses the spikes. PBG was terrified by it. He almost had his nuts ripped off! PBG keeps on shooting the rats and crabs. There is some poison gas that had been released. The episode fades out.

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