PBG rescues some souls in hell and is rewarded with the Spell Breaker.

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Spell Breaker
Upload Date June 28th 2013
Series The Elder Scrolls Oblivion


Synopsis Edit

PBG wants everyone to soak in how stupid his character looks. PBG gets a new quest and pushes a comatose woman around. He talks to Peryite. PBG has to travel to a plane of Oblivion to rescue some souls. Going to hell is not that big of a deal! He does it all the time.

He fights a dinosaur, and the dinosaur music plays. Jon keeps on texting him. PBG brings back the 360 spin shot. PBG doesn't like making videos in 2 parts and decides to cut out his rambling. PBG sees an enemy he has never seen before. PBG rescues the first two guys. PBG has a toothache and it hurts to talk.

PBG is surprised attacked by a dinosaur, and future PBG was also slow on playing the music, and then doesn't stop playing it after the dinosaur has died. PBG gets annoyed by the many annoying enemies that are around. An enemy is frozen in the distance. He finds a lady, and another guy. One of them is named Maren the Seal.

PBG talks about Seal, and sings Kissed by a Rose. PBG has been rambling a lot this episode. He finds the last dude, and heads back out of the realm. He talks to Peryite again, who hands over the Spell Breaker.

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