PBG fights a "centaur" (really a minotaur), a unicorn, and a bear!

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Saviour's Hide
Upload Date July 17th 2013
Series The Elder Scrolls Oblivion


Synopsis Edit

PBG comments on how the level up messages were depressing until he got to level 19, where it says "You're really good". PBG wants to complain. He fights a dinosaur, and kills it before he can listen to the music. He kills some deer. PBG gets terrified by a golem thingy. PBG's sword is so good, so he decides to increase the difficulty, and harder enemies begin to appear.

PBG realizes that he hasn't even got to the shrine yet. PBG realizes that he forgot to get the pelt from the wolf he killed earlier and goes back to get it. He needs to kill a unicorn. PBG didn't realize there were unicorns in this game. He sees a minotaur! he forgets what it is called and says it's a centaur. As he fights the minotaur, the unicorn appears. PBG doesn't want to turn the difficulty down already after almost dying to both the centaur and unicorn.

A bear joins the fight! The unicorn is killed, and eventually the minotaur dies too. He runs away from the bear, and returns to the shrine. The bear follows him back, and PBG almost dies when Hircine's followers kill it.

Hircine was impressed with PBG's hunting, and PBG gets the Saviour's Hide. PBG finds that someone shot him in the chest with an arrow! He dons his new armor. He looks... EVEN BETTER!!!

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