PBG needs everyone to hate him, so he drinks! He needs to help other people kill priests.

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Ring of Namira
Upload Date May 17th 2013
Series The Elder Scrolls Oblivion


Synopsis Edit

PBG heads to the market district. He needs to have a low personality score. He has killed 56 people, yet somehow has no murders! He enjoys fighting people, but not murdering them. PBG mentions that he has told 83 jokes. He finds the correct stats screen showing his personality score. Everybody loves him, and he needs to make everyone hate him. He tells someone to shut up - and realizes that he did that in the last video.

He picks a lock, and brags that he is getting better at that. He finds some wine, which decreases personality. His personality is now low enough. He searches his book for the section on Namira. PBG searches for Namira's shrine, and it is snowing! PBG has a mod where his arrows fly faster, and he shoots enemies in the face.

Finally, he finds Namira. PBG is told that he is too pretty, and people like him too much! PBG shows his subscriber counters. PBG shows footage of the last time he was drinking. He drinks wine again, and is now unpleasant enough to worship Namira. PBG laughs during Namira's speech.

PBG doesn't have enough magicka to use the spell. He thinks the problem is that he is too drunk. He spins his character around. PBG needs to use a spell on some priests. PBG casts a spell on someone, and everyone else kills them. PBG finds it hilarious. PBG continues to allow the priests to be killed, laughing all the way.

With all the priests dead, PBG returns to the shrine. PBG thinks he finds a shortcut, but instead, he finds a zombie and a skeleton! PBG complains about how easy the lockpicking is, before getting a harder one.

Once back at Namira, PBG successfully gets the Ring of Namira. The ring is very useful.

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