PBG fights way too many monsters, finds the shrine of Hermaeus Mora, and begins revisiting all the previous shrines!

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Oghma Infinium FINALE! (Part 1)
Upload Date September 13th 2013
Series The Elder Scrolls Oblivion


Synopsis Edit

This is the last item that PBG needs to get. He keeps on running past very large enemies. He starts by fighting dinosaurs. He tries to run away, and almost dies. PBG kills the smallest dinosaur. He is right next to the creepiest Oblivion gate he has ever seen.

A bear shows up, and starts to help, but then turns on PBG. The bear and PBG both get paralyzed, and then all the enemies are finally killed. PBG will use the Umbra for the rest of the time. He fights another bear. He finally arrives at a very interesting looking shrine, and PBG doesn't know what it is supposed to be.

PBG needs to kill ten people - all of different races! PBG wonders why his followers don't sacrifice themselves. The game tells him he can't continue walking the way he is going - and he gets stuck! PBG needs to think about who he is going to kill.

PBG will go to all the shrines he has been to, and kill the people around there, and shows a highlight from each of those episodes. PBG thinks he killed the lizard lady properly, but it didn't work. The dunmer goes down very easily! By the end of the video, he has captured three souls.

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