PBG continues to fight in a tournament - one of his opponents falls into the lava.

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Goldbrand (Part 2)
Upload Date August 8th 2013
Series The Elder Scrolls Oblivion


Synopsis Edit

PBG fights an archer, who does a spin attack with a hammer. He takes the archer down with the Biggeron sword. This guy had a lot of random types of arrows. PBG is speechless as he gets knocked to the ground. The biggeron sword kills the next guy easily. The Arrow of Withering does a lot of things.

One of the enemies hides behind the door and falls into the lava before PBG even sees him! PBG wanted to see what armor and items he had! PBG tries to do it again for the next enemy, but the archer is in a different spot this time. PBG makes sure to save because the guy falling in lava has to be canon. PBG takes more arrows.

PBG fights a mage that spawns headless zombies. The mage stands right next to the lava, and PBG tries to push him. PBG almost falls in himself. He is disappointed when the mage dies. PBG keeps reloading until the mage falls into the lava. He isn't sure if the mage was still alive. He plays the footage back, and sure enough, the mage still had health when he fell into the lava!

The quest is completed, and PBG throws some of his useless items into the lava. PBG raises his arms in the air as he talks to Boethia. He is given the Goldbrand sword, but becomes over-encumbered again.

The Goldbrand is a little bit cooler than the ebony blade. PBG begins typing, then realizes he is still recording. He says 'Hello' before turning it off.

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