PBG participates in a fighting tournament and throws the losers into the lava.

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Goldbrand (Part 1)
Upload Date August 5th 2013
Series The Elder Scrolls Oblivion


Synopsis Edit

PBG is in the middle of nowhere (and pretends to swear). PBG tries to climb a mountain as it snows. PBG is worried that the shrine would be at the bottom of the mountain, but it's only halfway down. PBG has to go to Oblivion again to be in a tournament.

PBG likes the Oblivion portals,but wonders why you can't just click on the portal itself. He arrives in Oblivion. He begins to fight the first battle, and struggles. His opponent proves to be too quick for PBG. They both heal! PBG wins and throws the loser's shield into the lava. He takes the guy's stuff, and pushes him into the lava. PBG has to go into a particular gate.

PBG fights the second opponent, and eventually gets her. PBG's strategy so far has been to circle around them and hit them. PBG tries to push them into the lava, and claims they are cheating when they heal. PBG loots a guy for a new helmet, and all his armor is broken. He finds a pointless bridge.

PBG is killed, and it is lucky that the game autosaved. His opponent has a lady face and a man's voice! PBG has improved his armor significantly from goofy to kind of goofy with a bit of cool. the episode fades out.

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