PBG needs to kill people and leave behind evidence with out being seen, then watches two families fight in the street.

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Ebony Blade
Upload Date July 4th 2013
Series The Elder Scrolls Oblivion


Synopsis Edit

PBG isn't leveled up enough, so he spams his potions and heals until he levels up. He almost kills himself in his celebration when he does. PBG distracts himself and kills a wolf as he arrives at the next shrine. Nothing happens when he tries to activate the shrine. He has to wait until after midnight. He sings the Jeopardy theme.

PBG is worried about Mephala's quest. PBG sees an injured bear that is crawling weirdly and kills it. PBG has only watched McJones complete this quest, and hasn't done it himself.

PBG looks for evidence to plant. PBG kills someone who he didn't need to kill. The game didn't say he couldn't! He tries to hide the body! He killed the lady for no reason!

PBG is startled by the guy he needs to kill. The guy is killed, and PBG leaves a dagger from the opposing family behind. PBG tries to throw a piece of paper to make a loud noise, but it doesn't.

PBG kills the other guy after completely missing him, and the guy dies for apparently no reason (although PBG later realizes that it was a reflected spell). PBG pretends to have nothing to do with the murders. The two families fight, and PBG commentates and guesses which family will win. PBG steals their gold.

One of the families wins, and PBG heads back to the shrine. PBG is given the Ebony Blade as he chokes. He checks out his new sword, and tests it out on people.

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