In the first episode of The Elder Scrolls Oblivion - Daedric Collection series, Peanut Butter Gamer starts to look for Azura's Star.

Azura's Star (Part 1)
Upload Date March 26th 2013
Series The Elder Scrolls Oblivion



PBG starts his quest to find all the Daedric items in Elder Scrolls Oblivion, and starts in a prison. He must be at level 2 to start the first Daedric item quest, so he starts to grind. He dies! Later, he gets to level 2 and above, and reveals that he has wanted to do this series his entire life. Or at least when the game first came out.

PBG walks up to Azura's shrine, but nothing happens. PBG tries to talk to one of Azura's followers, and tells us that he's using some Legend of Zelda mods to make his character look like Link as much as possible. He also took some creative freedom while doing it. After looking up what he's doing wrong, PBG realizes that he needs some glow dust. After collecting the glow dust, he fights an action packed battle with a wolf. But still nothing happens with Azura's shrine. PBG finds out that he needs to make Mels Maryon like him by using Oblivion's weird compliment system. After enough complimenting, Mels finally tells PBG the required information to summon Azura. To talk to Azura, PBG needs to make an offering of glow dust at dusk or dawn.

PBG tries to talk to her at dusk, but nothing happens. (Because he thought that dusk means night, even though it is evening.) PBG then tries at dawn, and it works! Azura says her followers were turned into vampires, and now PBG must kill them. PBG tries to fast-travel to the Gutted Mine, but he hasn't discovered it yet. So PBG walks to the Gutted Mine. After some fast forwarding, PBG arrives at the Gutted Mine.

PBG explains what Daedra are. Daedra are basically some sort of gods. Some of them are evil and some of them are good, and some people worship them as gods. There are fifteen statues of them in Oblivion. They give you a quest, you beat the quest and then they give a Daedric artifact.

While explaining this, PBG managed to find the entrance to the Gutted mine and tries to kill one of the vampires. But the vampire is more powerful than PBG thought, and nearly kills him. PBG runs from the vampire by going outside, and the vampire follows PBG. The vampire kills PBG. PBG then adjusts the difficulty a bit lower. PBG nearly dies again, but succeeds in killing the vampire. After the victory, a monster starts attacking PBG. PBG runs away and saves. Episode then fades to black.

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