Lord Peebington plays The Elder Scrolls Arena.

The Elder Scrolls Arena
Upload Date June 22nd 2012
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Synopsis Edit

The Elder Scrolls is the second favorite of Peanut Butter Gamer's favorite franchises of all time after The Legend of Zelda. After saying this, Harvest Moon turns its back to PBG. Elder Scrolls is now a very popular franchise, but that wasn't always the case. For example, Skyrim has sold over 20 million copies, but the original Elder Scrolls game, Elder Scrolls Arena, sold just 20 thousand.

When starting the game, PBG gets a very important message. It really must be important, because it has 34 exclamation marks. The important message is about some really old copyright protection, because you must answer a question about a price of a spell to proceed. Imagine, if playing The Sims, when your sim pees himself for the first time, you should answer a surprise question and the answer is located in a txt file. But now a days you could just search it from the internet.

Before playing, PBG must make his character. Normally he would be a paladin, but because there is none, he picks a healer instead. PBG named his character Lord Peebington II. Peebington's special power is to stare at your soul causing you to realize all your inner insecurities. Suddenly PBG realizes how annoying he is, but at least he's beautiful.

PBG discusses the story. Lord Peebington is in jail now, which sucks, but they left the key in the cell! PBG manages to punch some goblins in the face - only to be killed by cleavage lady! PBG thinks up some more alliterations he can use later on.

PBG has no idea what to do when he gets out and is lost. All the buildings look the same! He eventually figures it out - he was supposed to see a cutscene when he falls asleep, but he thinks he wasn't paying attention! Some people just move too quickly to talk to.

After moving on to the next area, there is a whole heap of hittting enemies with his stick. In another area, PBG is surprised when he solves a riddle! He is then instantly killed by a fireball! After leveling up, he slowly gets through the enemies. He finally gets to the Staff of Chaos, only to find it is only one part, and there are 7 more pieces!

Lord Peebington continues his quest and finally confronts his enemy aka ignoring him, and touching the Jewel of Fire, ending his reign! Peebington became the greatest guy that ever was. One day, he got wasted with his anime girlfriend, and fell of the top of the high school building to his death. The kingdom got over him quickly, as Peebington became pretty annoying! He was placed in an unmarked grave.

PBG sings a song for Lord Peebington.