Jirard "Dragonrider" "The Completionist" Khalil is a fellow YouTuber and Normal Boots member. Jirard joined the Normal Boots team early on, after posting his content to ScrewAttack. He quickly befriended Jon and Austin to become a part of the team.

Jirard's main show on his channel is "The Completionist", where each week, Jirard beats a game 100%.

Appearances on PBG's main channel Edit

Jirard appears alongside Jared as the trio play through Tri Force Heroes for an episode of The Completionist. The three together are all seen screwing each other over.

Appearances on PBGGameplay Edit

Austin, Jeff and Jirard all played Dungeon Defenders 2.

Other mentions Edit

Jirard's character takes up ballet in Tomodachi Life.

Jirard is mentioned as a returning member of Normal Boots in the relaunch.

Jirard is one of the members of Normal Boots who dies in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2.

PBG has beaten some of Jirard's Super Mario Maker levels.

Hardcore stats Edit

Season Episode of Death Cause of Death Remaining Players Other notes Last words
Minecraft #1 1 AFK PBG, JonTron, Dean, McJones, Soah, Barry It was Jirard's birthday when this episode was filmed, and Jirard was called away during the recording, leaving him to be timed out and kicked out of the server. "I'm behind ya. Let's go for it."
Diablo 2 none - Paul Paul and Jirard defeated Diablo together.
Starbound none - Jared, Jesse Jared, Jirard, and Jesse defeated Asra Nox.