DUNGEON DEAN! is episode 9 in season 2 of Terraria Hardcore.

Upload Date October 15th 2014
Series Terraria Season 2
Episode No. 9

Deaths None
Penguin name none

Synopsis Edit

Austin, SpaceHamster and ProtonJon are building a rope down a pit, leading to a cave. Dean comes down too, but didn't notice that there was a large drop into the cave. Dean screams a lot as they fight more monsters. SpaceHamster throws bombs down to make the hole larger. Everyone is now in the cave, and Austin attempts to put a sticky bomb on a cave wall. McJones has to help.

SpaceHamster finds a furnace that McJones made earlier right above him. They have broken two orbs and have found the third that summons the next boss, but they're not ready for it yet. Dean continues to fall down everyone's ropes.

They discuss whether or not they should face the next boss. SpaceHamster gets attacked by vultures. Later, SpaceHamster discovers a dungeon and explores the enterance. Dean double jumps over a pit, and Austin was worried because he forgot about the double jump. However, as he was getting back across, Dean misjudges the jump and falls into a deep hole. Thankfully, he falls into water. He manages to get back up by double jumping.

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