GOLD! is the fifth episode in season 2 of Terraria Hardcore.

Upload Date October 1st 2014
Series Terraria Season 2
Episode No. 5

Deaths None
Penguin name none

Synopsis Edit

The team discusses fighting one of the bosses and acquiring better armor. A traveling merchant appears at the house with expensive equipment. Austin, Dean and SpaceHamster go exploring in the ice biome they found earlier.

SpaceHamster jumps off the cliffedge and decides that it was a bad idea after he takes a lot of damage. They find a cave, and race to find stuff. Dean is annoyed by the fact that SpaceHamster has everything. Satch accidently uses a teleportation potion. SpaceHamster triggers a trap, and is shot by darts.

SpaceHamster takes the trap so he can see the wiring from other traps. Dean and Barry almost drown after getting trapped in icy water. Austin finds Flurry boots which allows him to go faster. Barry, Dean and SpaceHamster all dig together and almost dig into a pit. Austin takes a lot of damage without noticing.

He caves himself in so he can heal, but he lets a slime in.

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