PBG HAZARD! is the fourth episode in season 2 of Terraria Hardcore.

Upload Date September 27th 2014
Series Terraria Season 2
Episode No. 4

Deaths None
Penguin name none

Synopsis Edit

McJones accidentally lets zombies in the house. SpaceHamster and ProtonJon encounter some zombies off a cliff. ProtonJon decides to throw a bomb at them. SpaceHamster and ProtonJon get surrounded by eyes and decide to use their recall potions to teleport back to the house. Austin meets up with the tunnel that Dean, Satchbag, McJones and Barry were in and meets up with them.

Austin says that this is the point where everyone dies (more foreshadowing!). The group of four (McJones went back to the house) all dig together. ProtonJon comes back with cactus armor. Austin and Dean use rope to jump down a hole. They see a worm, and Austin escapes leaving Dean behind. When Austin helps Dean up, a worm jumps out of the wall.

Austin almost suffocates himself and Satch in sand - multiple times. Meanwhile, SpaceHamster, McJones and ProtonJon extend their house. ProtonJon arrives in the cave with the larger group, and everyone is amazed by his awesome outfit. Austin teleports back to the house after seeing a jellyfish. SpaceHamster has an umbrella and uses it to get down the mines, meeting up with Barry and Satch (Jon also joins). After a long time of digging, they all went back to the house.

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