FINALE! is the twenty-third and final episode in season 2 of Terraria Hardcore.

Upload Date December 3rd 2014
Series Terraria Season 2
Episode No. 23

Deaths SpaceHamster, McJones
Penguin name Gabriel

Synopsis Edit

They take one final heart before teleporting back home. They decide to wait out the rest of the night due to the high zombie rate. They head back down the hellovator. They both use their umbrellas to safely fall down. McJones accidentally turns sticky keys on. Suddenly, SpaceHamster drops and crashes into the ground and dies.

McJones is left alone. After going through his stuff, McJones continues to head back down the hellovator, and introduces Hardcore to Fransico the Shadow Orb, who has been following McJones for most of the Hardcore, but has only now been drawn attention to.

McJones has defeated the wall on his own before, so he thinks he stands a chance. He builds a long bridge so he has plenty of space for the Wall of Flesh. Meanwhile, enemies are continuing to attack. McJones is running out of stone for his bridge. He throws a voodoo doll into the lava to summon the boss. The wall arrives, and McJones shoots it constantly while backing back along his bridge.

He destroys all of the tentacles, and shoots at the eyes and mouths. Other enemies are still spawning, and McJones realizes that he isn't doing enough damage, and he is running out of space. He reaches the end of the bridge, and the wall of flesh still has 2000/8000 health left.

He continues jumping across any platforms he can find, and gets the boss down to 1500. Sadly, he gets stuck, and the Wall of Flesh kills him with only 600 health left. The Hardcore is failed, by just a tiny amount.

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