HEART SEARCH! is the twenty-first episode in season 2 of Terraria Hardcore.

Upload Date November 26th 2014
Series Terraria Season 2
Episode No. 21

Deaths None
Penguin name Giuseppe

Synopsis Edit

McJones and SpaceHamster decide to go searching for hearts to raise their HP. The enemies have Halloween costumes on, which confuses the pair for a moment. They are also going to try to find some running shoes in order to be able to outrun the Wall of Flesh.

They find a cave, and show off their new hook shots. They find one of the hearts that they need. McJones sees a boulder trap and destroys it. They discuss how long its been since they have recorded the series for, since they've given away that they are playing on Halloween. SpaceHamster finds a Grim Reaper costume. They find multiple more hearts.

Suddenly, a goblin army appears and they decide to teleport back to the house to regroup and possibly defend against the goblins.

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