LOST GIRLS! is the nineteenth episode in season 2 of Terraria Hardcore.

Upload Date November 19th 2014
Series Terraria Season 2
Episode No. 19

Deaths ProtonJon
Penguin name Gwydion

Synopsis Edit

Still digging in a cave for their hellevator, McJones deactivates a trap. They get to a point where they find a pit with a lot of water in it. SpaceHamster demonstrates how to make an air pocket. They drain the water out, and SpaceHamster discovers that they weren't even half way there yet. ProtonJon suddenly falls to his death.

SpaceHamster decides to wear Jon's eyeball helmet. The survivors throw away some items they don't need anymore to free some space. They find a Lost Girl trap, and McJones shoots it. McJones finds a boulder trap and disables it. There is another boulder trap directly under them, and they destroy the boulder. The penguin startles them both as they continue digging. SpaceHamster finds a Cloud in a bottle, which is a double jump.

They find another lost girl. SpaceHamster almost drowns after getting stuck underwater after looting a chest, but finds an air pocket in time.

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