MAN MODE! is the sixteenth episode in season 2 of Terraria Hardcore.

Upload Date November 8th 2014
Series Terraria Season 2
Episode No. 16

Deaths None
Penguin name Gunther

Synopsis Edit

The team arrive at a meteorite, and have to climb over it. They begin preparations for the next boss with platforms and walls. The Skeleton boss is summoned, and ProtonJon gets in trouble early. SpaceHamster attacks with his chainsaw, and then everyone attacks it with arrows. SpaceHamster saves Jon by going into man mode with the chainsaw again. ProtonJon turned off his screen accidentally, and used a potion because he couldn't see what he was doing.

After the fight is done, they enter the dungeon. SpaceHamster finds a key that they need. There are spikes on the walls, and there are other traps throughout the dungeon. McJones watches out for more traps. He sees a boulder trap just outside their tunnel. They see their first wizard, and kill it. They all buy pressure plates so they can all see traps.

There are a lot of skeletons below them, and McJones shoots them all. SpaceHamster falls in to where they are, and needs to use his chainsaw to survive. He almost dies. SpaceHamster finds and empties a chest. In another battle, skulls, wizards and skeletons attack, but they manage to take them down, even though ProtonJon gets in trouble, he uses his fast sword to kill them all.

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