WE'RE GONNA BE FINE! is the fourteenth episode in season 2 of Terraria Hardcore.

Upload Date November 1st 2014
Series Terraria Season 2
Episode No. 14

Deaths None
Penguin name (he is named Gunther in this episode, but the title has not shown this yet)

Synopsis Edit

Back at the house, and they plan on fighting a bunch of bosses in a row. They start killing eyes to be able to fight the boss again. SpaceHamster explains that he and ProtonJon got some extra armor when they weren't recording including the meteorite armor.

McJones now has an unlimited ammo gun because of his new armor. They summon the giant eye boss. It is of no difficulty whatsoever. They decide to do it again. It drops a eye helmet, which ProtonJon puts on.

They decide to name the penguin. They call him Gunther. SpaceHamster tries to tame his own penguin, but accidentally chainsaws it. They walk past both Dean's and Barry's graves.

They head back to the orbs they found in an earlier episode. They begin their preparations for the next boss fight, which involves SpaceHamster creating a rope that is way too short.

They start making wooden platforms to fight on. McJones heads back down the hole to break the orb and summon the boss.

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