DEATH RACE! is episode 10 in season 2 of Terraria Hardcore.

Upload Date October 18th 2014
Series Terraria Season 2
Episode No. 10

Deaths Barry, Dean
Penguin name none

Synopsis Edit

Dean takes a lot of falling damage for jumping. The team are heading back home, and a meterorite falls to the ground. Dean and Austin race back home. Austin with his speed boots, and Dean with his double jump allow both to gain advantages on different sections of terrain.

Suddenly, Dean gets into trouble with some enemies and calls for help. Austin refuses to help him. Meanwhile SpaceHamster is taking damage to corruption enemies while underwater as Barry helps him kill them. Barry then also gets into trouble. Barry gets a lot of damage and is killed by the corruption enemies.

Austin claims that he has won the race. Dean is then killed by a demon eye due to Austin's incompetence (although Dean should have been able to take the enemies on his own). Austin lies about not knowing how Dean died despite making fun of him as he was crying for help. McJones, SpaceHamster and ProtonJon slowly head back to their base. They decide to fight the first boss again. McJones finds Dean's stuff eventually.

Austin makes a graveyard for those who have died. SpaceHamster expands the house, and Austin gets a baby penguin to follow him.

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