Jeff continues to suffer by having to place Zelda: Faces of Evil.

THIS IS SUFFERING! - Link Faces of Evil (CDI) #2
Upload Date November 13th 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Zelda CDI - Link the Faces of Evil


Synopsis Edit

They head back to Nortinka for more snowballs. They bought more stuff off camera. PBG's mom is texting him. It doesn't matter if Jeff dies, as he gets some more risky snowballs. Back at Goronu, they buy more bombs. The shopkeeper wants more money.

Jeff discusses how Link Between Worlds also has a money system similar to this. It is a huge pain that accidentally pressing 2 throws away the currently held item - despite an unused button! They head to Crater Cove.

Jeff jumps into the fire from the lava. He dies very quickly. PBG informs Jeff to get a key, before Jeff dies just before he can pick it up. Jeff comes across an area with enemies that can only be killed by snowballs. He gets booted from the level. Jeff can't do anything! Jeff gets killed by a crab. PBG laughs while Jeff loses his mind. This is payback for making PBG play bootleg games!

Jeff gets surrounded by crabs, and kills one, only to die on the next enemy again. Jeff has all three of his hearts after dodging the volcano. He kills more crabs. Jeff gets into a building, and they get to watch a cutscene where they get a sword upgrade. PBG questions why the crab fisherman gives Link the magic sword. Jeff loses his powerup immediately.

After equipping snowballs, they head into a cave and fight enemies. Jeff tries to conserve his snowballs.Jeff has to jump across platforms. Jeff gets out of the cave, and unlocks Spearfish Falls. They decide to head there next episode.

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