PBG and Jeff play a snake level, PBG pranks Jeff by teaching him the lyrics to Circle of Life, and they struggle to climb a sinking ship.

THIS IS SKILL: Donkey Kong Country 2 #5 - PB&Jeff
Upload Date July 22nd 2015
Series PB&Jeff

Donkey Kong Country 2


Synopsis Edit

PBG can't decide how to open the show. PBG wants to be called Charlie for the rest of the video. PBG doesn't want to play anymore, and they think about making a 1 minute video. As they are recording, they don't have the intro to the show made.

They play the snake level, and Jeff plays. He gets past the half way mark before he dies. PBG is killed by jumping guys. PBG sees a secret and points Jeff to it. Jeff dies again, and PBG rambles about doing the same level over and over. Jeff feels like they should record all their conversations. PBG can't play games anymore without thinking that he can make a video about it. PBG falls off a boat mid-sentence.

Jeff jumps on nothing to survive, surprising PBG. Jeff dies while trying to concentrate, and PBG attempts to commentate. PBG attempts to teach Jeff how to sing the start of the Circle of Life from The Lion King. Jeff gives up, and PBG reveals that he was making it up! They discuss what would happen if PBG left Jeff to think that those were the real lyrics. Jeff finally reaches the end of the level.

They play a level where they have to climb up a ship where the water rises. PBG falls through a rope, despite not holding down. Jeff also falls off the rope when holding up. It happens to PBG again. PBG forgets that he did karate for two weeks. PBG keeps on dying in the same spot. PBG is mad as he is killed to an ant. He has to clarify that he isn't that bad.

Jeff finally makes it to the half way mark. Jeff panics as the water chases him as he concentrates. They don't even care about the DK coin as they beat the stage. PBG is excited about the carnival levels. PBG waves even though no one can see him.

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