PBG plays a snowboarding game, and tries to play during a replay, while Jeff has to go through a long guide on how to do a puzzle.

THIS ISN'T WARIOWARE! - Game and Wario #3
Upload Date May 23rd 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Game and Wario


Synopsis Edit

PBG is looking forward to skiing. PBG has enjoyed snowboarding before. PBG and Jeff are too old for this! Jeff points out the bear skiing. PBG can't tell where he is going, not realizing that he should be looking at the tablet. Jeff feels that this isn't WarioWare. PBG has another go after not doing well. Jeff comments on the character being bald. PBG and Jeff dance with the character. PBG thinks he is trying again, not realizing that he is watching a replay!

PBG tries again as Jeff makes fun of him. PBG goes off the course. He is getting faster each time, but still doesn't have the gold. The Ski event is cleared when PBG gets the silver medal.

Jeff tries the Patchwork stage, and they watch cute ninjas. PBG never says that Jeff is cool. The game gives a very descriptive instruction on how to play a puzzle. Jeff rapidly taps the screen to scroll through the introduction. Jeff now has to do the actual puzzle. Jeff makes a horse.

PBG is annoyed that that was it. PBG and Jeff did not enjoy the game. The next game is Kung Fu. PBG wonders if PB&Jeff ever going to be good.

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