PBG and Jeff play another Mario Party game, this time in Luigi's Engine Room.

THE OPPOSITE OF 10! - Mario Party 1 (Part 1)
Upload Date August 22nd 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

PBG and Jeff have played Mario Party already, and everyone wants to see Mario Party 2, but they will play one more. Jeff wants to do at least OK with DK. Jeff chooses Luigi's Engine Room, and PBG hoped he would not pick that one. They discuss which position they want to start in.

Turn 1 Edit

Jeff plays Shell Game. PBG asks what would happen if Jeff always rolled below 5. Jeff wins. Mario decides to not choose to take a mini game. PBG also rolls a 5, and gets to play Whack-A-Plant, to Jeff's annoyance. PBG gets 28 coins, after messing up a lot. They play Tipsy Turney. People were making fun of Jeff's math in the last episode. Mario wins. PBG was very close.

Turn 2 Edit

PBG laughs as Jeff rolls a 1! PBG moves to one space from the star. They play Coin Block Bash, and discuss the moving walls in the stage. Jeff got 11 coins, Wario got 8, Mario 5 and PBG 1.

Turn 3 Edit

Jeff needs to roll low now. PBG gets the star after looking at the small map. PBG goes past Bowser, losing most of his coins. They play Bumper Balls. This is the worst mini game because it always ends in a draw. PBG and Wario gang up on Jeff. It ends in a draw.

They both yell bye repeatedly at the end.

Current Results Edit

Player / Character Stars Coins
1 PBG 1 6
2 Jeff 0 37
3 Wario 0 34
4 Mario 0 21

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