Jeff makes a mistake, Mario steals coins instead of stars, and Wario steals a star from PBG.

THAT WAS A STUPID! - Mario Party 1 (Part 4)
Upload Date August 29th 2016
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

Jeff and PBG yell at the start of the episode. They then swap their names for the real intro.

Turn 13 Edit

Jeff lands on Chance Time. Jeff doesn't want to be on there. Mario and PBG swap coins. PBG gains 5 coins. Mario steals coins from Jeff instead of a star. PBG then steals the star from Jeff. PBG plays Memory Match. PBG messes up a lot, but just makes it in time. They play Key-pa-Way. Wario makes it hard for PBG, and they all lose coins.

Turn 14 Edit

Wario steals a star from PBG. PBG is mad. Jeff passes Bowser, and is mad at himself for going this way. Mario gets a poison mushroom. PBG switches the doors. They play Treasure Divers. Everyone fights over the last coin. PBG wins 14 coins, Jeff wins 11, Mario wins 2 and Wario wins 1.

Turn 15 Edit

Jeff wants to roll high, but he rolls a 1! He yells out in annoyance. PBG gets close to the start after landing on a ?. They play Buried Treasure. Jeff manages to get it, while Wario and Mario avoided it.

Turn 16 Edit

Jeff chants for the last five turns. PBG is predicted to win. PBG whispers at the end of the video.

Current Scores Edit

Player / Character Stars Coins
1 Jeff 1 25
2 Wario 1 25
3 Mario 0 93
4 PBG 0 43

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