Turning night into day and back again proves to be an annoyance for everyone.

THANK YOU! (Ft. ProJared!) - Mario Party 2 | HORRORLAND (Part 2)
Upload Date January 8th 2017
Series PB&Jeff

Mario Party


Synopsis Edit

Turn 5 Edit

Jared complains that he can't steal coins! He also gains coins from Bowser Jr. Jeff lands on Battle, and they play Hot BOB-omb. Wario wins, and PBG comes second. Mario looks devastated. PBG plays the item game, Coffin Congestion. It just shows him the item he wanted - a golden mushroom. Everyone plays Speed Hockey. Wario and Jeff win. PBG argues with Jared.

Turn 6 Edit

Wario changes night to day, but PBG changes it back. PBG sings. They play Filet Relay. Jeff trips, and screws it up so Jared wins. Jared really needed coins.

Turn 7 Edit

Jared plays Coffin Congestion and gets a boo bell. PBG tried to distract Jared by distracting himself. PBG notices spooky ghosts at the bottom of the screen. They play Dizzy Dancing. PBG has a strategy, but both he and Jared press the wrong button, leaving Jeff to win.

Turn 8 Edit

There are now 40 coins in the bank. They play Lava Tile Isle, and want fresh, new games. Jeff lets Wario win.

Current Scores Edit

Player / Character Stars Coins
1 Wario 0 55
2 PBG 0 27
3 Jeff 0 18
4 Jared 0 13

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