PBG has to fight a giant, before killing the chief of the village to receive the Voldendrung.

TES Skyrim - Voldendrung
Upload Date August 18th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG still almost says Oblivion to open the video. He shows off his trophy room. PBG looks at the beautiful sky, and doesn't know if it was a mod or not. PBG sees a giant who is mad at a deer. The giant fights some orcs, and PBG fights the giant. PBG is talking to a fence.

PBG doesn't have the items he needs for the quest. PBG thinks that the people of Largashbur will be mad at him if he walks in, but they don't. PBG cheats to get the items while pretending to wonder where he is going to find the items.

PBG walks into town, and eavesdrops on a conversation. PBG talks to an orc chief, who is so weak that he is asking for help. PBG is OK with it when he is told that he will get paid. The orc runs away.

PBG arrives at Fallstone Cave. PBG loves the Skyrim caves. The grass glitches and floats in the air. It is cool in a weird way. PBG watches two guys get mad before eventually fighting. PBG kills the giant, and burns two bears that are chilling out in the cave.

PBG makes the chief fight the giant. PBG takes bets on him dying. He dies in two seconds! PBG gets flung high into the air while he is distracted checking out the dead body!

PBG tries to keep the chief alive this time. He accidentally sets the chief on fire! On his third attempt, PBG tries to sneak up on the giant. The giant sees him. He tries hiding behind a tree and shooting at the giant. It proves to be a good strategy. PBG gets the warhammer.

The orc decides to fight PBG anyway. The battle takes a long time. The chief is defeated.

PBG heads back to the town and returns with the hammer. PBG decides to tell the truth about killing the chief. PBG is confused as to what he is supposed to do. He sees the Voldendrung hanging on top of the shrine.

He tests the weapon on the town's new leader. He isn't a great leader.

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