PBG takes on a very odd trial in order to receive the Wabbajack.

TES Skyrim - The Wabbajack
Upload Date July 7th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG is looking for a begger. He is doing the Wabbajack quest. This will be a weird quest. A man runs up to PBG just to tell him that his breath stinks! PBG finds the guy.

PBG arrives at the Solitude, and PBG forgets the name of it. PBG goes to the wing that he needs to be in, and he gets distracted. He arrives at a table outside where two people are talking. Everything on the table is shaking, and PBG knocks everything off. One man vanishes, and PBG talks to Sheogorath.

Sheogorath is very weird. The Wabbajack quest in Oblivion is very weird too. PBG thinks he made a mistake coming here. Sheogorath talks a lot. Sheogorath is bored. PBG talked about Sheogorath in the first video he ever did, and recommends people not watch it. PBG is given the Wabbajack. It looks pretty cool.

PBG finds a bed with someone sleeping on it, and casts the Wabbajack on it. PBG is confused as to what he is supposed to do. He punches the goat. A kid appears and starts cheering. PBG takes a lot of damage, and tries to use a healing spell, but it doesn't work. PBG waits for stuff to show up. Weird things happen and a wolf shows up. PBG discovers that he needs to hit the person on the bed and creatures come to attack. PBG fights them off and finds a treasure chest.

PBG heads over to the next place. PBG laughs as he finds a giant person fighting a tiny person. This reminds PBG of tiny Link fighting a dark enemy in Wind Waker HACKING. PBG uses the Wabbajack, and the men change sizes. He blows one of them up! PBG accidentally figures it out.

PBG thinks he remembers the final challenge. PBG changes the creatures into different elementals.

He doesn't remember what to do.

He again accidentally figures out what he was supposed to do. He needed to hit the guy behind the elementals. He talks to Sheogorath again. PBG tries to punch him as he talks. A man appears and then disappears again. PBG thanks Sheogorath for the Wabbajack and is teleported out.

PBG heads out of the creepy building and re-equips the Wabbajack. He tests out the Wabbajack, and it blows people up. He tries it out on enemies. The Wabbajack only blows people up. Enemies die in front of him. The Wabbajack looks really cool.

PBG finds a sword in a rock.

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