PBG repeats his mistakes and doesn't try very hard as he dies a lot this episode.

TES Skyrim - Spellbreaker (Part 2)
Upload Date September 3rd 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG is pretty sure he is going to die. He tries to use a spell, and he dies. He stabs all the enemies and burns them. He dies again. PBG repeats mistakes and doesn't try very hard! He uses his arrows and tries a little more. PBG hits a switch, and someone is killed by the fans that are turned on! Spiders jump out to attack PBG. PBG levels up his one-handed abilities. He turns on savage strike.

PBG finds a chest with not that much in it. PBG still gets freaked out every time he gets vomited on! PBG runs away from some tougher guys and gets stuck under a bridge. One of the enemies gets stuck in a river! PBG gets a little bit worried about his friend that has gone missing, but he turns up right next to him. The enemies keep on spawning from all directions!

PBG is done with this quest, as it is kind of boring. PBG warns his follower to not trigger the trap - but he does. PBG gets attacked and falls. PBG is now lost and wonders how his follower does in the battle. He arrives back up to the top, and runs away from the vomiting enemies. PBG begs to not be killed.

PBG accidentally cheats to give himself some potions of healing! PBG shoots the archers from under the bridge. PBG is sick of this quest. PBG's follower triggers the trap just as he walks through it! PBG yells at his follower, and PBG gets killed by the trap!

PBG complains about how big this place is. PBG tries to shoot some more robot spiders from a long way away. He hits the first shot, and manages to kill the creature before it gets to him. PBG thinks he has arrived at the room he is supposed to be in, and kills more spiders. It isn't the room, but he sees a Centurion! PBG begins to doubt himself, thinking he is in the wrong place.

PBG finds the person he needs to kill, and tries to talk to him. It was a bad idea. He is stupid though, and can't see PBG. PBG successfully kills Orchendor.

PBG gets out of there, and arrives back at the shrine to get high again. PBG is handed the Spellbreaker. He always misses the indication that he is given it. The Spellbreaker is a pretty cool shield. It wards against magic. It was not a fun quest.

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