PBG gets high, has a follower who helps him in battles, and gets vomited on with acid.

TES Skyrim - Spellbreaker (Part 1)
Upload Date August 30th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG rambles at the start of the episode. He talks to "Charles", who is actually named Faendal, which is a bad name. He will follow PBG around for a while. PBG arrives at the next shrine location, and his follower (who PBG keeps changing his name) disappears for a moment. PBG gets confused by another shrine in the area.

He finally finds Peryite's shrine. PBG requires items he didn't look up again. He gets them all and hands them over. PBG inhales the fumes and becomes high. PBG is told his task. PBG complains that the ghost is touching him. PBG has to kill some guy. He has to run all the way there with a wolf attacking him. He jumps off a cliff. PBG gets stuck running! He eventually cures himself.

PBG gets attacked by a frost troll, and calls for "Timothy". PBG is almost killed by the frost troll. PBG heads down a cliff and finds a building. He pulls a lever to open the door and heads inside. PBG starts to run out of names to call the guy. His follower shoots at a lady who was just sleeping in front of PBG! PBG scolds "Chandler" for killing the lady. PBG loots her as he yells. Another lady is killed by PBG's follower, and PBG joins in as she fights back.

The ladies are spitting stuff at PBG! PBG's follower turns out to be useful as he kills the enemies. PBG doesn't know what he is supposed to do as he didn't listen, and just kills everyone. PBG gets killed by spit acid.

PBG tries to remember the Starcraft enemy that spits acid at the player. He gets the Hydralisk after Jeff puts it on the screen. PBG tries again, and cuts a guy's forehead, before killing the other enemies. Some enemies walk into their own traps. PBG tries to get another to fall into the trap, but it doesn't work. PBG shoots some archers. PBG still doesn't expect to have poison vomited at him.

PBG gets lost, before fighting more mages. PBG has immunity to poison, so he is taking a lot less damage. PBG almost dies again, but has nothing to heal himself with!

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