PBG gets confused as he travels through time, and kills the guy he thought would betray him.

TES Skyrim - Skull of Corruption (Part 2)
Upload Date June 7th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG is cowering hiding from enemies. They see him, and PBG shoots one and kills him. PBG should believe in himself more. PBG talks to a guy, and has to drink a potion. He sees the Skull of Corruption and has no legs. PBG tries to make out what he is seeing.

PBG yells at some guys for fighting. PBG sets off the miasma. PBG is back being him again. PBG wonders why the dead guys are naked. PBG has to kill more cult people. PBG takes on a stronger enemy. He runs away from the enemy. PBG gets some help, but it isn't enough. PBG gets killed multiple times.

PBG's recording gets messed up after PBG presses the wrong button. The stupid orc is finally killed. PBG fights another tough orc. PBG sees the guys from the past as he is taken to the Skull of Corruption. PBG says that he is never a coward - before footage is shown of him being a coward. PBG stays back and watches Erandur take the enemies down. One of them charges at PBG and PBG kills him.

The enemy makes an odd noise. PBG wants the Skull of Corruption. PBG is worried about the trickery, and thinks that he is going to be killed. PBG is worried about Erandur betraying him. PBG forgets that he needs to go back and kill Erandur to get the Skull of Corruption. PBG kills Erandur - turns out he was the killer after all.

PBG apologizes to Erandur as he loots him! PBG takes out the Skull of Corruption. He tests it out. People are going to be tormented in real life. PBG attacks someone he really shouldn't have attacked. The Skull of Corruption doesn't do much damage, and PBG is killed.

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