PBG checks out his house, fights a bear, and begins to search for the Savior's Hide.

TES Skyrim - Savior's Hide (Part 1)
Upload Date July 18th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG had a house to collect his Daedric items in Oblivion, and now he has. PBG hasn't seen his house yet and checks it out. He hears a person nearby, and finds someone attacking an elk, and then he transforms into a bear! PBG didn't expect to be in combat, and is killed.

PBG searches for the bear man again. PBG shoots at him a few times as he transforms. He runs around like a coward, and wait until the bear gets stuck to shoot at him. The bear runs away. PBG gets the kill shot by shooting the bear in the butt. PBG reads the note that was on the bear. He was planning on being killed. PBG checks out his new house.

PBG can put his stuff into a chest. The chest sorts all of his stuff for him. PBG shows the trophy hall. He puts all of his Daedric items into their locations.

PBG decides to start on the next quest and finds a courier. PBG finds the guy he was looking for. His daughter was killed.

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