PBG has to screw over a priest and then eat him to get the Ring of Namira.

TES Skyrim - Ring of Namira (Part 2)
Upload Date June 30th 2014
Series The Elder Scrolls Skyrim


Synopsis Edit

PBG is the better archer. PBG battles with more enemies. He tries to be sneaky, but it doesn't work. PBG gets spotted at the last section, and wants to take it to the referee. PBG falls for a poison dart trap, but doesn't care as he takes very little damage. PBG continues to sneak up on drougrs and finding treasure chests.

PBG gets killed in one hit. He tries again, and gets a sneak kill! He avoids being one-shotted from not even allowing the enemy to see him!

PBG is going to screw over another priest. PBG gets a very long loading screen! PBG brings the priest to the cave. He takes forever to follow PBG.

The tables have a lot of blood and gore on them. PBG has to kill the priest. PBG has to eat the priest, and Namira starts to talk to him. PBG pretends that he is talking about his dog, also called Namira.

PBG is given the Ring of Namira. Namira gets mad when PBG makes a joke. PBG takes his gold back.

PBG talks about the Ring of Namira. It allows the player to eat people!

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